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『新しい歴史教科書』(新版・中学社会)(自由社)英訳シリーズ Chapter3の英和対訳部分からの引用です。http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_2/Chapter%203%20Section%201,%202.pdf


Topic 33 – The arrival of the Europeans

What impact did the European imports of firearms and Christianity have on Japanese society?

33 ヨーロッパ人の来航


Christian missionaries and the introduction of firearms

In 1543 (Tenbun 12), a Chinese junk sailing from Siam (modern-day Thailand) with Portuguese merchants on board was struck by a storm and shipwrecked on the southern Japanese island of Tanegashima (in modern-day Kagoshima Prefecture). These were the first Europeans to reach the shores of Japan. The lord who controlled the island, a member of the Tanegashima clan, paid them a hefty sum in exchange for two firearms, which he ordered his swordsmiths to carefully study.

In no time, Japanese swordsmiths were manufacturing their own firearms in various parts of Japan, such as Sakai (modern-day Osaka). The new weapons were highly sought after by the daimyo, and Japan quickly rose to become the world’s largest producer of firearms. The adoption of firearms by the daimyo dramatically changed battlefield tactics and served to hasten the process of national unification.

In 1549, six years after the introduction of firearms, the Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier1 arrived in Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan, and worked to convert the local people to Christianity. Later, more missionaries came to Japan alongside Portuguese merchants and proselytized aggressively. Christianity spread rapidly, gaining an especially large number of converts in western Japan. The missionaries won the hearts of many Japanese through their charitable deeds such as the building of orphanages, and the daimyo prized the rare imports that Portuguese merchants brought in their wake.

*1=Francis Xavier was one of the founders of the Society of Jesus. He was running a mission in Malacca in the Malay Peninsula when he is said to have met a young Japanese samurai named Yajiro. Surprised by his remarkable intellectual curiosity, Xavier acquired an interest in Japan and became determined to do missionary work there.













当時の日本の一般大衆でさえ 、そのような宗教的な疑問を発するのですから、ザビエルや他の宣教師もタジタジになったことでしょう。それだけ日本人は世界的にも教育程度が高く、識字率も高かったのです。



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